2017 Awardee GLIDE Foundation

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Why we are honoring them

The Anthony F. Logan Award is presented to a community partner who has made an outstanding contribution to civil rights law and our client communities.

The GLIDE Foundation is forward leaning in recognizing that legal issues permeate many of the challenges facing GLIDE community members.  These individuals often have no real opportunity to defend their rights because they are unable to afford legal representation to address immigration, housing, public benefits, employment, and other issues. To close this justice gap, GLIDE established an Unconditional Legal Services Clinic to assist the large number of San Francisco residents who would otherwise be denied access to justice.

The Clinic is on-site at GLIDE, supported by Lawyers’ Committee staff and pro bono attorneys, and integrated into GLIDE’s wraparound services ranging from free meals and supportive housing to licensed childcare and substance abuse recovery.  In 2015-2016, the Clinic served 201 clients in addressing 298 legal matters.  For its commitment to justice in action and its collaboration in defending the civil rights of the most vulnerable members of our community, Lawyers’ Committee is honored to celebrate the GLIDE Foundation and the Unconditional Legal Services Clinic.

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