2017 Awardee Shawn Matloob

shawn-matloob Why we are honoring him

The Father Cuchulain Moriarty Award is presented to a partner who has made an extraordinary pro bono contribution to our Asylum Program.

At a time when refugees and immigrants, particularly those of color, are increasingly under attack and their security in the United States is threatened, Shawn Matloob has been a tireless mentor attorney for more than 30 Asylum Program cases in the last three years.  He took his first Lawyers’ Committee case representing “Eduardo,” a refugee from Mexico, in 2000.  After filing the initial application, Shawn assisted Eduardo in obtaining a work permit allowing Eduardo to obtain gainful employment and secure housing.  Eduardo was eventually granted asylum, and Shawn has been one of the most dedicated attorneys and mentors in the Lawyers’ Committee pro bono network.  In 2016 alone, Shawn was an integral part of the legal team in 7 new matters in which our clients sought safety and security.  For his outstanding legal advocacy on behalf of Eduardo and so many others in vulnerable immigrant communities, Lawyers’ Committee is pleased to celebrate Shawn and the tremendous positive impact he has had in so many lives.

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