2015 Awardee: Derek Barrett

Corporate Courage Recognition

Corporate Courage Recognition honors corporate partners who, through the training they are offering employers, or their business plan and fair chance employment practices, are demonstrating the importance of removing barriers that prevent those with arrest/conviction records from attaining meaningful employment once they have paid their debt to society. These awardees recognize that communities and families are strengthened when untapped talent is utilized in positive ways that contribute to the overall well-being of society.

About the Recipients


Derek Barrett is founder & president of D & B Painting Company, Inc., a premiere commercial union painting contractor in Northern California. After working his way from an apprenticeship with a Bay Area general construction firm to VP of Operations, Mr. Barrett founded D & B Painting Company in 1994 with his brother. Since then, he has grown the company to approximately 40 employees through his passion and dedication for helping address the concerns of the underutilized business and workforce community.

About his Pro Bono Service To LCCR

As a self-made entrepreneur and a person always looking to give back to the community, Mr. Barrett has provided valuable insight and advice on issues of fair chance hiring. He has served as a consultant  for the Cultivating Fair Chance Employment campaign and recently delivered a keynote address at the Business Leaders Re-Entry Summit hosted by the Lawyers’ Committee, which focused on the challenges, complications and solutions for employing formerly incarcerated individuals. For Mr. Barrett, making sure everyone has a fair chance is central to how he does business, and the results of his work are demonstrated by the many people he has helped obtain secure employment.

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