2015 Awardee: Michael Hannigan

Corporate Courage Recognition

Corporate Courage Recognition honors corporate partners who, through the training they are offering employers, or their business plan and fair chance employment practices, are demonstrating the importance of removing barriers that prevent those with arrest/conviction records from attaining meaningful employment once they have paid their debt to society. These awardees recognize that communities and families are strengthened when untapped talent is utilized in positive ways that contribute to the overall well-being of society.

About the Recipients

HanniganMichael Hannigan is President and Co-Founder of Give Something Back Office Supplies, California’s largest independent business-to-business office supply company. After a successful career in the office equipment industry, he co-founded Give Something Back (GSB) in 1991. Modeled on Newman’s Own food company, GSB’s profits are donated to non-profit groups selected by its customers and employees. The company is a Certified and Founding B-Corporation, an Alameda County Certified Green Business, and converted to a Benefit Corporation under California’s new corporate legal framework. GSB has garnered dozens of awards including Corporate Grant maker of the Year, U.S. Small Business Administration Business of the Year, one of the 10 most generous companies in America.

About his Pro Bono Service To LCCR

The Corporate Courage Award is honoring Mike Hannigan’s contribution to the Cultivating Fair Chance Employment campaign, not only by implementing fair chance employment practices within his company, but also actively encouraging other businesses to hire people who have arrest/conviction records as well. Mike Hannigan’s participation in the Business Leaders Summit on Reentry in the summer of 2014 was particularly important, as he explained both the social benefits of hiring people with past records, as well as how a more inclusive approach can help a business’s bottom line. The Lawyers’ Committee is pleased to recognize Mr. Hannigan and his team at Give Something Back Office Supplies for their outstanding work to improve economic opportunities for these under-served communities and the inspiration they have provided to others to commit to community service.

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