Fall 2021 Law Clerkships

Under the supervision of an attorney, law clerks prepare legal memoranda, conduct legal research, conduct client interviews, and perform other legal assignments. LCCRSF law clerks are an integral part of the work we do and work alongside our legal staff in meetings while getting the opportunity to participate in direct legal services, impact litigation, and policy advocacy.

Law clerks have the opportunity to work in one or more of our issue areas, so if you have a particular interest in any particular area or current project, let us know in your cover letter. There may be an opportunity to work with staff on special projects in the area you’re most interested in.

Issues areas include: 

  • Racial Justice
    LCCRSF was founded on the belief that advancing racial justice is essential to achieving civil rights for all. The history of racial injustice in this country is long, complex, and emotionally charged. Although decades of struggle, determination, litigation, and advocacy have removed the most egregious and blatantly racist laws from local, state, and federal governments, systemic and structural racism still exists.
  • Immigrant Justice
    As part of its broader mission of achieving civil rights for all, LCCRSF is committed to meeting the legal needs of immigrant communities. The rapidly increasing population of immigrants in the United States, and more specifically in the Bay Area, have been historically marginalized and continue to face legal obstacles in an increasingly punitive immigration system. The Immigrant Justice Program empowers immigrants seeking fair treatment and civic engagement by challenging unjust systemic processes that block their progress. The program’s strategy involves advocating directly for asylum seekers, engaging in impact litigation, and advancing fair and just immigration policies. LCCRSF founded the Immigrant Justice Program to address the unmet legal needs of immigrants and, in doing so, to combat the civil rights issues plaguing the current immigration enforcement system. All law clerks working with our immigrant justice team MUST speak and write fluently in Spanish.
  • Economic Justice
    LCCRSF is committed to empowering communities of color, the homeless, and low-income populations by increasing economic opportunities that allow people to control their own livelihood. A strong economy fuels a community and, without it, the resulting disparities can last for generations. Utilizing a multi-pronged approach, we work to advance economic justice and civil rights through our signature direct services program, Legal Services for Entrepreneurs. By working with entrepreneurs who are starting or have an existing business, we’re about to build an understanding of the challenges and obstacles they encounter and advocate for policies that help build a diverse local economy. We also partner with community organizations in economically distressed areas throughout the Bay Area in their efforts to help small businesses become sustainable, resilient, and strong so that their communities can flourish.
  • The GLIDE Unconditional Legal Clinic
    The clinic provides free advice, referrals, and occasionally limited-scope legal assistance with the goal of providing anyone who walks through the door with information and advice. We serve over 250 clients a year, over half of whom are homeless, and nearly 75% are from minority communities.

Law clerks who aren’t currently enrolled in an academic program are expected to work 40 hours per week for 11–12 weeks. Those who are working during a school semester are expected to work at least 20 hours per week, but preference may be given to full-time semester/quarter clerks. We encourage clerks to seek academic credit or independent funding for their work.

Law clerks at LCCRSF may be considered in the future for post-graduate fellowships at the Lawyers’ Committee, including our Thurgood Marshall Fellowship and sponsorship for the Skadden and Equal Justice Works Fellowships.

Apply to be a Fall 2021 Law Clerk

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, and three references to clerks@lccrsf.org. Applicants are encouraged to submit their materials as early as possible as decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Prior public-interest experience is preferred. Also, if applicable, please let us know if you’re fluent in a foreign language (particularly Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese).

The Lawyers’ Committee is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. People of color, lesbians, gay men, transgender individuals, persons with disabilities, and people over 55 are encouraged to apply.