Asylum Program

Since 1983, the Lawyers’ Committee’s Asylum Program has assisted people seeking safety in the United States. If you apply for asylum, you are asking for permission to stay in the United States because it is too dangerous to return to your home country.


Asylum is sought for a variety of reasons, including gender and domestic violence, discrimination or abuse because of sexual orientation, religious or political persecution, and other factors. No two cases are exactly alike. We recommend that you talk to a lawyer before you make any decisions regarding applying for asylum. If you think you may be eligible for asylum, get help right away – doing so early may make your case stronger.

We are available to discuss your case and, if you qualify, help find you a lawyer for free, or give you a list of lawyers in your area. Everything you say to a representative of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights is confidential and is not shared with anyone without your permission.

To make an appointment, please call (415) 543-9444.

If you have already applied for asylum, please call us before your next hearing and bring copies of:

  • Your entire asylum application
  • All immigration documents you have received


For more information about asylum to see if you may qualify, please see our brochures below: