Fifty years ago, as our country was mourning the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, a small group of committed lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area came together in hope of a better world. That hope became the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area. “Justice for all” is a bedrock principle of the American legal system, and it is a vision that has long guided our work. For 50 years, our organization and membership have helped lead the way in making this vision a reality for countless people. Learn more about our victories over the past 50 years.


On December 10, 1968, 16 San Francisco lawyers launched the San Francisco Lawyer’s Committee for Urban Affairs (later Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights). Their purpose was to “enlist the members of the legal profession and their skills, leadership and special competence in a major effort to solve the problems of our urban areas.”

Anniversary Celebration & MLK Awards Dinner January 26, 2018

Since our inception, we have known that access to sound legal representation allows people a chance to be heard, to tell their own story and to speak their own truths. Our legacy of victories in Racial Justice, Immigrant Justice and Economic Justice have only been possible because our work is grounded in our commitment to direct services. We use the achievements of our past to inspire us to continue our work. In early 2018, we celebrated our 50th anniversary by reaffirming our commitment to continue advocating for justice and equity for the decades to come.


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