DUI Checkpoints Target Minority Areas

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Posted by Dawn Lacombe


In order to help prevent DUI incidents, police often establish checkpoints over weekends and days when they know there will be people drinking. Sometimes, it can seem as though the officers are targeting certain areas. This may not always be the case.

This past weekend, the Los Angeles Police Department’s DUI checkpoints were concentrated in areas that were almost exclusively minority.

The LAPD stated that they focus their DUI enforcement efforts in areas that have the worst DUI problems.

However, this must mean that wide areas of the west side of Los Angeles do not have the DUI problems that other areas, particularly minority areas, have.

One might wonder if the consistent police attention actually helps to feed DUI statistics for certain areas.

A report from Back on the Road California found that driver’s license suspension rates are as high as five times the state average in black and Latino communities.

Over the weekend, the LAPD set up checkpoints in the following areas:

Friday: From 8pm until 2am, there was a checkpoint at Sepulveda and Parthenia Street in a predominantly Latino neighborhood.

Friday: From 6pm until 2am, there was another checkpoint in an undisclosed area in Lancaster.

Saturday: From 8pm to 2am, there was a checkpoint at Florence Avenue and Main Street, a predominantly black and Latino neighborhood.

Sunday: From noon until 8pm, there will be extra police presence in the 77th Street Division, an area of south Los Angeles. The department calls this a “saturation patrol.”

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