Asylum seekers with attorneys are five times more likely to win their cases as those without counsel. Read about these Bay Area asylum seekers. Then volunteer to represent them today.  

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Lázaro” is a man from Honduras. He was targeted by a member of the MS in his city for being gay, who told him to leave the community, or he and his entire family would be killed. When he was younger, Lázaro faced bullying by his classmates and at least one teacher, was treated badly by his father and his father’s family for being gay and had to leave his father’s home because of this mistreatment. He now lives in Sacramento, CA and has already filed his asylum application. His individual hearing is scheduled for 1/24/25. He has timely filed his I-589.

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May” is a woman from Honduras. After May’s brother went missing, she called the police to investigate, and they found him dead. May then learned that her brother was killed by Mara 18 gang members. Next, she and her sister began to receive death threats stating that they were next. May’s sister fled to the U.S. first, and then began receiving calls threatening that May would suffer the consequences, so May fled to the U.S. as well. May is also a domestic violence survivor. May lives in San Francisco and has already filed her asylum application. Her individual hearing is scheduled for 2/26/2025 before IJ Greene at the SF Immigration Court.

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“Gina” is a Honduran woman whose ex-partner regularly verbally and physically abused her and their son, who was around 2-3 years old at the time. Her ex-partner threatened to kill her and her family many times. She filed a police report, but nothing was done. She believes that due to her ex-partner’s role as a military officer he has connections to the police and will face no repercussions. Gina fled the country after her ex-partner ripped the doors off her house, put a knife to her neck and told her that she would die that night. She and her son now live in San Leandro, CA. Gina timely filed her asylum application. Her next master hearing is on 6/11/2024 before IJ Greene at the SF Immigration Court.

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Juan” is a 42-year-old man from Nicaragua. While in Nicaragua, he endured harassment and death threats from government-allied officials and paramilitary forces due to his perceived anti-government political opinion. He is from a family that is known for opposing Nicaragua’s Sandinista government. In 2019, his son, “Pedro,” began publicly opposing the government by refusing to perform with the Sandinista-allied municipal orchestra. Since then, the family received frequent targeted death threats from the Sandinista orchestra director and Sandinista paramilitary forces. Juan, his wife, and Pedro fled Nicaragua together in 2022. The family now lives in Antioch and are scheduled for their first master hearing on 7/8/2024 at the Concord Immigration Court. Juan and his wife have timely filed their asylum applications.

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Please note that the listed hearing dates are subject to change and may be advanced upon motion by the attorney of record once their appearance has been entered with the court. This may include filing a motion to advance or a motion to vacate the master hearing in order to schedule the individual at the earliest practicable date. According to the Court, “Immigration Judges are strongly encouraged to be flexible with pro bono representatives, particularly with the scheduling of hearings and in the setting of filing deadlines.” See, EOIR DM 22-01 (Nov. 5, 2021). An LCCRSF mentor attorney would be happy to assist you with filing a motion to schedule the client’s merits hearing after case placement.