Asylum seekers with attorneys are five times more likely to win their cases as those without counsel. Read about these Bay Area asylum seekers. Then volunteer to represent them today.  

Please note, this opportunity is only available for attorneys at San Francisco Bay Area law firms.

Abraham” fled Guatemala with his father when he was fifteen years old after he and his father were threatened due to their involvement in organizing against a mining company that was recruiting men in their neighborhood. Abraham now lives with his father in Hayward. LCCRSF assisted Abraham in filing his asylum application within a reasonable time after his eighteenth birthday. His individual hearing is scheduled for 7/2/2024 before IJ Park.

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Daniel” and “Yesenia” are a married couple from Honduras. Daniel and Yesenia are Pech and lived on land that the Honduran government designated for the Pech community. They fled the country with their daughter after they received several violent threats for failing to sell their parcels of land to drug traffickers. Daniel and his family now live in Richmond, CA. Daniel and Yesenia attended an LCCRSF clinic where they received assistance with timely filing their asylum applications. Daniel and Yesenia’s individual hearing is scheduled for 5/12/2025 before IJ Pierce.

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Nataly” is a twenty-four-year-old bi-sexual female from El Salvador. While in El Salvador, Nataly endured physical abuse from her mother. She also endured physical and sexual abuse from her partner who was gang involved. Nataly also experienced sexual assault attempts by two other men. Nataly now lives with her son in San Jose and is scheduled for her next master hearing on 8/21/2023. Her one-year filing deadline for her asylum application is 10/19/2023.

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Juan” is a 42-year-old man from Nicaragua. While in Nicaragua, he endured harassment and death threats from government-allied officials and paramilitary forces due to his perceived anti-government political opinion. He is from a family that is known for opposing Nicaragua’s Sandinista government. In 2019, his son, “Pedro,” began publicly opposing the government by refusing to perform with the Sandinista-allied municipal orchestra. Since then, the family received frequent targeted death threats from the Sandinista orchestra director and Sandinista paramilitary forces. Juan, his wife, and Pedro fled Nicaragua together in 2022. The family now lives in Antioch and are scheduled for their first master hearing on 3/15/2024. Juan already timely filed his asylum application; however, his wife still needs to file hers by the one-year filing deadline on 9/28/2023.

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