The strength of LCCRSF is in its dedicated network of volunteers and attorneys who provide legal consultation, advice, and representation to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Over the years, legal fellows, law students, interpreters and other legal professionals have also been an integral part of the life-changing cases and initiatives that have had a lasting impact on our communities and in people’s everyday lives. 

Whatever your particular skill set or area or expertise, there are a variety of ways you can contribute your time, money, or resources to advancing LCCRSF’s civil rights agenda. Check out the opportunities below to see what’s of interest to you. 

Pro Bono & Volunteer

Work in solidarity with clients and community for systemic change.


Attend an upcoming training, workshop, or community event and connect with others passionately dedicated to advancing civil rights.


Join our women and POC-led diverse team of 25+ people working together to dismantle systems of oppression.

Fellowships & Internships

Make a difference as you develop your legal skills and build experience.


Your generous contribution will strengthen our ability to deliver on our mission to protect, advance and promote civil rights.