If you’ve been harmed or injured in the last six months by the California police or another government agency, The People’s Clinic provides free legal services and support to get you justice and compensation. Those interested in pursuing a case against California law enforcement can meet with attorneys for 60 minute consultations and receive assistance preparing necessary claims and forms. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited-scope consultation. LCCRSF, and associated attorneys, partners, agents and volunteers, are not agreeing to represent you in any matter and are not agreeing to appear for you in court or at a hearing. You remain responsible for your legal issues unless you find an attorney who agrees to represent you.

LCCRSF does our very best to serve your legal needs. However, if you were unsatisfied our services, you may file a formal complaint. You will not be denied services or have any other adverse action taken against you based on your complaints. View our Client Grievance Procedure here.