Client Grievance Procedure

Lawyers’ Committee clients have the right to register formal complaints regarding Lawyers’
Committee services and/or personnel and will not be denied services or have any other
adverse action taken against them based upon any such complaints.

Program Leads (the senior attorney in each program) will attempt to resolve any issues or
concerns with the client. If this is not possible, the Program Lead may solicit the assistance of
the Legal Director in order to attempt to informally resolve any issue. If this is not possible,
the client may then file an oral or written complaint.

Filing of Complaint: Clients may file written or oral complaints. The initial complaint
should be filed with one of the Program Leads. The complaint procedure, to the extent not
known to the client, shall be provided. Complaints should be filed as soon as possible after
the events that give rise to the client’s concerns. A written complaint should set forth in detail
the bases for the client’s complaint. An oral complaint should be reduced to writing by the
Program Lead. The Program Lead should forward either type of complaint to the Legal

Investigation: The Program Lead sends the client an acknowledgement that the complaint is
under review. The Program Lead investigates the complaint, meeting separately with the
client, employees involved, and potentially with others who either are named in the complaint
or who may have knowledge of the facts set forth in the complaint. Where appropriate (e.g.,
where the complaint concerns actions of the Program Lead), the Legal Director will assume
investigatory responsibility. Upon completion of the investigation, the Program Lead and/or
Legal Director reports his/her findings and conclusions to the client.

Appeal: If the complaint is not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, the client may request the
review of the complaint to the Legal Director or, if the Legal Director conducted the
investigation and/or where the complaint concerns actions of the Legal Director, to the
Executive Director. On completion of the appeal review, the client should receive an
explanation of the conclusion reached and the reasons for that conclusion. Decisions resulting
from appeal reviews by the Legal Director or Executive Director will be final.