You’ve reached The Bail Clinic at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately, the Bail Clinic is no longer operating.  

In the five years that we ran the Bail Clinic, it eliminated over $500,000 of bail bonds debt and recovered tens of thousands of dollars of refunds for clients. It shined a light on the abusive ways that bail bonds companies treat their customers. 

Through litigation, legislation, and regulation, we improved conditions for bail bonds consumers. And yet, no amount of reforms can fix the industry. People will not be fully protected until we eliminate the for-profit bail bond industry and end harmful pre-trial detention. Nothing less will address the injustices that attend to bail bonds. 

If you’re a bail bonds consumer and need legal assistance, please consider contacting one of the following organizations: 

East Bay Community Law Center

For residents of Alameda County call (510) 548-4040 ext. 206 or complete the online Consumer Justice Intake Form.  

Public Counsel 

For residents of Los Angeles County or anyone sued in Los Angeles County call (213) 385-2977, x700 to leave a message or fill out the online application

Bay Area Legal Aid

For Bay Area residents click here to find your local office, then call to RSVP for a consumer rights clinic. 

Housing and Economic Rights Advocates 

For people facing litigation and/or foreclosure as a result of bail bonds contracts call (510) 271-8443 or email HERA at 

If you cosigned a Bad Boys Bail Bonds contract before May 2022, please email us at  

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