Racial justice cannot be achieved without economic justice. Throughout our country’s history, explicit restrictions based on race, covert discrimination, and structural inequality have prevented people of color from pursuing employment, homeownership, and other business and economic opportunities. Today disparities in wealth, income, and opportunity still remain and a host of new adversaries including predatory lenders and municipalities threaten the livelihood, belongings, and dignity of our communities.

Through legal representation, LCCRSF defends communities of color against institutions that block access to economic opportunity and violate their civil rights. Our work in forming community land trusts, public banks, and people-of-color-owned cooperatives is grounded in a vision of economic freedom wherein our communities receive their fair share of land, labor, capital, and power. And our Legal Services for Entrepreneurs (LSE) program, provides free legal services to small business owners and entrepreneurs in areas such as leasing, contracts, employment, entity formation, and bankruptcy. We are proud to advance public banking, leading statewide efforts as one of the co-founders of the California Public Banking Alliance and a member of the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition.