LCCRSF leads policy development and impact litigation that directly supports the people and movements fighting for an end to police brutality and violent police practices. Our work seeks recompense and policy change, to reimagine policing and reinvest funds currently spent on violence to systems that actually improve safety.

We work with unhoused individuals facing further deprivation at the hands of the state, advocating for the return and compensation of their belongings that have been seized and destroyed by government agencies. Through our People’s Clinic, we provide legal assistance for those pursuing personal injury or small claims against law enforcement. We also work with Black and Brown youth who are consistent targets of harassment from police to address the discrimination they’ve experienced.

Our partnerships are crucial to our priorities of dismantling systemic oppression, and we work closely with local BIPOC-led organizations to effectively collaborate, follow, and lead in the effort to end the over-policing of Black people and reinvest in communities of color.