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Our office will be closed from December 23-Jan 3, and we will not be checking email during this time. If you are in need of legal services and your matter is not urgent, please fill out an application, which we will review upon our return. 

If you are a business in the Greater Bay Area, and have received a three day notice or summons and complaint in an unlawful detainer eviction lawsuit, please email attorney Beilal Chatila to schedule an intake. You can also read up on your rights as a commercial tenant facing eviction at this link, with some suggestions of possible resources: 

If you have a pressing legal need besides an impending eviction, and do not want to wait until January 3, 2022 for our team to review your application, please look up your local bar association’s attorney referral program to find a sliding scale attorney. Unfortunately, some of these services may also have limited availability during this holiday week. 

·        You may be able to receive representation or referrals through the San Francisco Lawyer               Referral Service, you can call (415) 989-1616 (hours 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PST) or         fill out their online request form to receive assistance. 

·         Berkeley Law offers legal office hours in the East Bay throughout the month. You can see all the dates and locations and register for an appointment here.  

·         The Alameda County Bar Association providing limited virtual pro bono services. Please call the Alameda County Bar Association intake line for screening: (510) 302-2222 option #4 or submit an online request:   

·         If you are sued as an Alameda County resident, Alameda County Superior Court Self-Help Center offers phone and video consultations as well as a live chat feature: Alameda County Superior Court Self-Help Center

·         You may also receive low-cost representation through the Bay Area Legal Incubator

·         The Contra Costa County Bar Association Find a Lawyer service can be reached via phone  at (925) 825-5700 or by completing their online form

·         The Santa Clara County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service can be reached by calling (669) 302-7803 or online here

·         For resident of San Mateo, the San Mateo County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service Program is available by calling (650) 369-4149. 

  • Another legal services organization, Elevate, also accepts clients for a variety of legal issues. Their application form can be accessed by filling out this form.   

How to Apply for Free Legal Services

Legal Services for Entrepreneurs (LSE) provides free legal services to low-income individuals who want to start or develop businesses; businesses committed to investing in economically distressed communities, including hiring people with arrest and conviction records; and mom and pop shops located in areas where gentrification is a force for displacement.

Need business law advice? We can help! 

We serve Bay Area clients that are: 

  • Low-income individuals 
  • Located in low-income communities; and/or 
  • Located in communities of color and have a commitment to hiring from the community 

We provide free legal consultations on

  • Liability issues 
  • Terms of a commercial lease 
  • Business contracts 
  • Employment law 
  • Intellectual property 
  • Other business concerns 

Please note: We do not provide legal consultation on tax, litigation, or bankruptcy concerns. 

You’ll need to complete an online application form. Once the application form is submitted, LCCRSF staff will contact you to schedule a 30-minute call to listen to your situation and match you with the right attorney and resources. 

LSE Pro-Bono/Free Attorney Application

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To request advice or help with loans related to COVID-19, please do not fill out this form. Instead, please click here to fill out the form of our partner organization, Start Small Think Big.

Personal Information

Please enter the date as: mm/dd/yyyy.
Include apartment number, if any.
For businesses located in San Francisco only: 
  • Please download the City of San Francisco's Family Income Verification Form, and complete one form for each owner of the business.  Click here to download. Spanish and Chinese versions are available here.
  • Please upload the completed form(s) under the "Upload Family Income Verification Form" link below. The City of San Francisco requires us to obtain this form as a condition of grant funding.
Name, phone number, and relationship to you of another contact person, in case we can't get ahold of you

Demographic Information

Your answers to these questions are collected for grant reporting purposes. 
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Personal Financial Information

Your application will not be considered without the following financial information. Your answers are collected to assess eligibility for our program and for grant reporting. 
Number of people who live with and share financial resources with you.
Includes income of spouse, parent or partner in same household. 
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Business Information

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Legal Assistance

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Consent for Disclosure of Case Information

We will not disclose the information you provide in this Application for Assistance to anyone except: 

1.       as authorized by you; 

2.       as required by law or court order;

3.       our employees and representatives, for the purpose of making a determination about whether you qualify for our services and/or for the performance of our services; 

4.       volunteer attorneys, paralegals, translators, or interpreters (“Volunteers”) who express interest in assisting you. All Volunteers will see a short description of your request for assistance that does not contain any identifying details. Volunteers who express interest in assisting you will receive your name and contact information and that of any opposing parties to facilitate a conflicts check. After completing the conflicts check and connecting you with the Volunteers who have agreed to assist you, we will forward those Volunteers a full copy of your application; or

5.       we may compile data and information provided by you and other Legal Services for Entrepreneurs applicants and/or clients, but such information will only be disclosed on an aggregate or illustrative basis and will not be disclosed in a manner that would personally identify you.

File Upload

Your application will not be considered without uploaded copies of the requested financial information.
Upload a copy of your commercial lease, if applicable.

Workshops & webinars

Topics address a range of legal issues entrepreneurs face while starting or growing a business, including business entity formation, hiring 101, commercial leasing basics, and intellectual property laws. Check our Events Calendar for a schedule of upcoming workshops.

LSE Resources

Lawyers’ Committee works in collaboration with a variety of legal service and community organizations throughout the Bay Area. Below is a list of other organizations that may be able to help you.

  • Alameda County Small Business Development Center offers classes, consulting services and business planning resources for small businesses throughout Alameda County.
  • AnewAmerica serves primarily low-income individuals (new citizens, immigrants, and refugees) residing in the Bay Area. It offers a comprehensive three-year program of support for new start-up entrepreneurs including microbusiness incubation, asset building, and social responsibility.
  • matches small business owners with volunteer business advisors who provide tailored, hands-on assistance to help small businesses grow and create economic opportunities across the nation.
  • Contra Costa Small Business Development Center assists small business owners in Contra Costa County with: Operations/Financial Management, Business Loans, Government Contracting/Procurement, Exporting Assistance and more.
  • La Cocina supports low-income food entre­pre­neurs as they for­mal­ize and grow their busi­nesses by pro­vid­ing afford­able com­mer­cial kitchen space, industry-specific tech­ni­cal assis­tance and access to mar­ket oppor­tu­ni­ties. Their focus is primar­ily on women from com­mu­ni­ties of color and immi­grant com­mu­ni­ties.
  • Mission Asset Fund believes in creating pathways out of the financial shadows. They help house cleaners and restaurant owners across the U.S. save money with better credit and less debt.
  • Mission Economic Development Agency provides business technical assistance, loan packaging, and advocacy targeted at minority- and women-owned businesses in the Mission District of San Francisco.
  • Oakland Business Assistance Center provides information on licenses, permits, and zoning in Oakland.
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center provides small business training and support services to emerging and established entrepreneurs in San Francisco, Marin, Richmond, and the Mid Peninsula.
  • Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) provides business mentorship counseling and specialized assistance for free.
  • Small Business Administration is a federal agency that provides education and services to small businesses and small-business owners across the nation.
  • TMC Development Working Solutions provides underserved micro-entrepreneurs with the access to capital and resources they need to successfully start or grow viable businesses. TMC Development Working Solution strives to support microenterprise development in an effort to strengthen the local economy, create jobs, and build strong communities.

LCCRSF does our very best to serve your legal needs. However, if you were unsatisfied our services, you may file a formal complaint. You will not be denied services or have any other adverse action taken against you based on your complaints. View our Client Grievance Procedure here.

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