Were you injured in 2020 during George Floyd protests in San Jose, California?

Since 2020, we have been pursuing a lawsuit against the City of San Jose for the brutal and racially targetted actions of the San Jose Police during the demonstrations in response to the murder of George Floyd in May 2020.  

The plaintiffs filed as a class action on behalf of all those who were subjected to police violence. The plaintiffs are seeking redress for the violation of their constitutional rights to assemble, protest, and be free from racial profiling, disability discrimination, excessive force, and wrongful arrest. 

The federal court is currently deciding if this case can continue as a class action or whether each injured person must join or file an individual suit. We will update this page when a ruling has been made. In the meantime, contact us confidentially to share your story, get legal advice about your options, and so that we have your contact information in the event there is an award of money to members of the class of injured people.

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