Hayden Rodarte, Esq.

Hayden Rodarte, Esq.

( he/him )

Staff Attorney, Immigrant Justice

(415) 543-9444 x 231

Hayden joins LCCRSF as a Justice Catalyst Fellow with the Immigrant Justice program. Hayden is developing a unique accountability model for addressing civil and human rights abuses within the immigration detention system at the southwestern U.S. border. He is working with asylum-seekers who have suffered harm in immigration detention by litigating tort, constitutional, and statutory claims, while also representing them in immigration court and other asylum-related proceedings.

Hayden graduated from Yale Law School in 2019. His research and advocacy in law school centered on queer immigrant and HIV-positive communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from Stanford University with his Master’s degree in Latin American Studies, and his Bachelor’s degrees in Classics and International Relations. Hayden is a proud first-generation, queer Chicano California native.