Jordan Wells

( he/him )

Temporary Senior Staff Attorney/Interim Program Director, Immigrant Justice

Across eight years, Jordan worked at two state affiliates of the ACLU–in New York City and later in Fresno, where he continues to reside with his spouse, Maria, and their toddler, Javi. Examples of his cases include a habeas action challenging an immigrant activist’s arrest by ICE officers after he publicly criticized immigration policies; a class action challenging unconstitutional stops, frisks, and trespass arrests by the NYPD; a habeas action establishing that New York officers have no authority to make immigration arrests; an appeal eliminating the exclusion of farmworkers from New York’s collective bargaining law; an appeal invalidating an ordinance targeting Latinx day laborers; an appeal granting public access to monitor reports in a jail conditions case; and several 1983 cases challenging unconstitutional arrests by local police. Prior to attending law school at NYU, Jordan organized campaigns for farmworker rights and sweatshop-free public procurement policies in New York. He grew up in New Jersey and returns there each summer to spend time at the Jersey shore with his family.