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Do you believe you’ve been discriminated against? Are you an undocumented immigrant seeking asylum? Do you owe debt to a bail company? Are you someone with limited financial resources who wants to start a business?  Are your children facing disparities in education?

The Lawyers’ Committee provides a variety of legal services for these matters and more. Through partnerships with private law firms we are able to assist clients in need of pro bono (free) service.

Apply for our services here:

Asylum Program

Call our main line at 415-543-9444.

Bail Clinic

Fill out an online application by clicking here.

GLIDE Unconditional Legal Clinic  (English)   / (En Español)

Email Breyon Austin at

Legal Services for Entrepreneurs

Fill out an online application in English or Spanish.

Attorney Matching Application (English)   /   (En Español)

Please note: If you are a small business looking for COVID-19 loan assistance, do not fill out the Attorney Matching application above. Instead, please fill out our partner organization’s application here.

Small Claims Personal Injury Clinic 

Were you injured in the last 6 months by California police or another government agency? LCCRSF is providing free support to those interested in pursuing personal injury compensation in small claims actions against law
enforcement. Register to meet with an attorney here.

Educational Equity


Don’t know which program to contact? Fill out a general request here.